I clearly remember being blown away after watching the very first Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon movie a number of years ago. For all of you who like martial arts, this movie might just be the one thing to look forward too for a lot of reasons. DONNIE YEN IS IN IT!!! – For those who don’t know who he is, this GIF below should help you and if you still don’t know, it means you probably never watched or heard of IP Man. tumblr_mklqxpbEwT1r49r0wo1_400

Oh and some of the original actors including Michelle Yeoh are in it. We’re super excited & every martial arts fan should be too. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has a pretty interesting story line, so it will be really nice to see where the writers went in part 2. Bare in mind, the original movie came out way back in 2000.crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon-w1280

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is coming out on February 26 in select IMAX theaters and on Netflix 🙂

Watch the trailer above.

via YouTube

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