The “Emerald Green” Trend
Since Pantone named Emerald green as the color of the year, its been exciting to see how people have incorporated this color into their interior decoration. I must say that although I have never been a big fan of green, the way it looks so graceful has me a little green with envy.

[nggallery id=GREEN]
Tips: The best way to incorporate this color when decorating is to use them on accent pieces, i.e pillows, throws, trays, wall color, drapes, lamp shades, e.t.c. Pretty much use this color on things that can easily be changed after the trend dies down, without you having to break the bank. However if you are a lover of green and are bold enough to have a sofa that’s emerald green, by all means do so.

The “Extended Gallery Wall” Trend

For a while now, the gallery wall has been a trend after my heart. In 2013,  I have seen a lot more people decorate using gallery walls from one end of a wall to the other end a.k.a the extended gallery wall.

[nggallery id=9]
Tips: Try to keep a distance of about 2 inches between small frames and 4inches between large frames. This helps your gallery wall art look less crowded and overwhelming to the eye.

The “Brass” trend
This is my favorite trend and I am currently going hard at it. I am also only a few seconds away from spray painting my dogs gold. Was there not a time when all we saw was silver plated accents?

[nggallery id=10]
Tips: If you do find a piece that you love and it happens to be in a finish other than brass, you can always use gold leaf or brass spray paint to make it brass. I prefer to use gold leaf as it looks more realistic, but it does take time and patience which I must confess I don’t have a lot of.
The “Stripes” trend
There is just something about stripes that look so inviting. I am also extremely partial to black and white stripes (but other colors look just as great) as well as ticking stripes.
[nggallery id=11]
Tips: when using stripes, consider the size of the room; the smaller the room, the smaller the stripes should be and vice versa.
The “Wallpaper” Trend

Gone were the days when wallpaper was that shabby thing on your grannys wall. Wallpapers are statement pieces and can really spice up any room.

[nggallery id=12]

Tips: If you are timid about using wallpapers because you fear you might get tired of the pattern, you can use grass cloth or sea grass wallpaper. It adds texture to the rooms and gives a room a classy / elegant feel.

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Photos Via (Pinterest, elle decor art-via, homestillo, decorpad, stylebyemilyhenderson, houzz, thingsthatinspire, amyhowarddailyo)

For more Interior decoration tips and D.I.Y (do it yourself) posts, please visit houseofniyemania


Written by Niye

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