Ho Ho Ho… The Holidays are Lit already

Christmas is coming and if you’re like me, you’re probably scrambling for the right gift to give your friends and family members but you keep coming up with the same ideas you’ve had for the past few years. There are so many things to choose from and that’s most likely the reason for your indecision.You have nothing to worry about.. we’re here to help you:)

The good guys over at How2BeCool have put a list together of 6 Cool and Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas you’ve never thought Of. This list will be your guide for years to come. (I had to)


  • SoundBot Water Resistant Shower Speaker $19.99 (Amazon.com)

How2BeCool - Cool and Cheap Christmas gift ideas 4Chances are a lot of you guys sing in the shower. You also love to listen to music while cleaning up. The SoundBot Water Resistant Shower speaker is the right move. It will also make for a pretty good Christmas gift.

  • Mophie Keyholder Mobile Charger $39.95 (Mophie.com)

reserve-micro-paralaxMobile Chargers are fast becoming the best things since sliced bread and microwave ovens. The rate at which people use their phones these days is off the charts. A mobile charger will come in handy and will probably be accepted with a whole lot more than open arms.

  • Evelots Prism Glasses $14.99 (Amazon.com)

How2BeCool - Cool and Cheap Christmas gift ideas 2Prism Glasses are glasses that allow you to read or watch TV while laying flat on your bed or any other place. The idea for the glasses is to create the most comfortable environment possible while enjoying things that require a little bit of work. These guys will definitely be a welcome christmas gift anywhere.

  • Decorative Cup Warmer $14.22 (Amazon Price)

How2BeCool - Cool and Cheap Christmas gift ideasFor those who like their coffee or tea warm on the go, the decorative cup warmer is the way forward. This might just be the one gift your favorite aunt or uncle who loves to drink coffee needs.

  • Crosley Record Player $69.99 (Amazon Price)

7d3aa702d5ef439c38b95eaa29e95602If you haven’t gotten the memo, record players are kind of back in style. Urban Outfitters claimed a surge in record player and vinyl purchases this year. This Crosley record player is the one gift that will make your friend or whoever more than happy. Vinyl is the way to go these days :). It’s a touch of class plus some more.

  • Cash in an Envelope $Priceless (Size of your wallet)


Nothing says merry christmas more than an envelope filled with cash. If you have nothing to buy or you have run out of ideas, cash in an envelope will be a pretty thoughtful christmas gift to give.

I hope these cool and cheap gift ideas make a difference in your decision-making this year. 🙂

Make sure you let us know if you have any other ideas.

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