iZombie, iZombie, Zombies all around me…

If you haven’t seen iZombie, the basic premise is a cop show with zombies. In this particular un-dead showcase, when a zombie eats someone’s brain they gain memories and personality traits of that person.

The lead zombie mortician, Liv (played by Rose McIver) uses those gained memories to help solve murders. It’s all good fun but also brings up the issue of consent when one person is under the influence of the eaten brains.


Past episodes hone in on the affects of certain behaviors on relationships. The stalker gets paranoid after getting back with an ex. The agoraphobic gamer ignores everyone in their life. The list goes on.

*If you haven’t caught up on this season there’s a butt-load of spoilers ahead*

An episode earlier this month, “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” really takes on this issue.

The victim is a librarian that write erotica, so dear Liv is having trouble keeping her hands and imagination to herself. Then there’s the new zombie guy that comes into her life asking to share her supply of brains.

A steady supply is hard to come by without constantly doing something illegal, but since there’s a mortician friend, a brain doesn’t feel missed too often. On the menu for a dinner date is the horny librarian.

This is unusual behavior for most people. Especially at work.

Oh Oopsie…

Yes, this is needed sustenance for a supernatural disease, but purposefully feeding your date something that messes with their judgement and libido can be…a grey area (you see what I did there). But it brings up that ever present issue of consent.

The Vice President and Lady Gaga made sexual assault a spotlight at the Oscars this year because it is such a huge issue.  If every piece of media brushes away the consent like it doesn’t matter in order to get to that raw and violent moment, then what does that say about us?

iZombie has those gory moments that are quintessential of zombie flicks, but when you actually have the time for the issues of zombie consent? That’s some interesting ground to cover. The fact that they touched on it at all is important.

Kids’ shows like Adventure Time and Stephen Universe have been taking a very obvious stance that consent is something given at any point in an interaction or relationship.

More adult shows like Game of Thrones have been lambasted for throwing in rape and assault like it was an extra tree in the background and saying it adds to plot.

Supposedly the new season will be more sensitive to how rape is used in the show, but why wasn’t it figured out before the scripts were approved?

I digress.

How do you deal with a part of life that messes with your ability to make decisions on your own? Do you talk about it with your partner? Try to deal with it on your own and act like the problem isn’t there? When you’re hyped-up on the brain of a sexually frustrated librarian, that’s a pretty difficult thing to deal with, regardless of context.

iZombie took the responsible option and put a stop to what was, in a sense, a roofied dinner date that didn’t know the full extent of what they were taking. Time was taken for the “drug” to ware off and then see if feelings were unchanged.

You go iZombie, you go.

This is the face of an uncalled for butt smack. Oh yeah, it’s this awkward in context.

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