Winter is finally here… & the seven kingdoms are right on the edge of war.

children of game of thrones couples

This is what the Children of Game of Thrones Couples would look like if they were ever to happen.

The newest season is coming soon and we are so eager to watch it. We are also very sad as this will be the last season, but not to worry, the good guys over at vouchercloud have come up with a creation that may just keep the series going.

If you’ve fallen in love with the relationships on GoT, this article is definitely for you.

Jon Snow & Daenerys

This right here will be a match made in the Seven Kingdoms. The King of the North and the Mother of Dragons.




Tormund and Brienne

Brienne is fierce and Tormund is even fiercer. The leader of the Wildlings and the lady knight of Tarth might just make for a pretty awesome couple and an even bad ass child.

children of game of thrones couples


Tyrion and Shae

Tyrion Lannister is a man of very wise words and even if he had to kill his handmaiden and lover because she betrayed him, they still made a pretty lovely couple. He’s wit and her sassiness would have made for an interesting child.



Brienne and Jaime

Brienne has her ways on GoT. For a while, we all liked the prospect of Jaime Lannister and her having a thing. Both fierce as they come. The king killer and the lady knight will make a pretty heroic and well-respected child.



Children of Game of Thrones Couples


Greyworm and Missandei

These guys will make for the perfect couple. Here’s a very accurate description from my voucher club friends;

‘Golden’ eyes represent his Naathi heritage (courtesy of Missandei), with skin and hair a generous combination of the two. The slightly gentle facial features come from Missandei, with the sternness and scowl of a soldier – naturally.

Hopefully, the spear, shield and armour speak for themselves, though.”



Jon Snow and Ygritte

These guys were the best when they were together. It’s quite unfortunate that she had to die. They easily were one of the favorite couples on the show for a while. If they stayed together this is what their child would have looked like.



Jorah and Daenerys

This couple could possibly have worked, but the mother of dragons doesn’t settle for no one. Jorah was able to capture her heart but he ultimately couldn’t keep it because she had a big task at hand. Here’s a description of what their child would look like from voucherclub.

“Her style is general is very much a clash of the almost-essential armour you need in the Game of Thrones world, combined with the desert-appropriate Jorah get-up we’re very much accustomed to.”




children of game of thrones couples h2bc

Thank you, Katie for this article 🙂

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