These African Deities will make you rethink everything you know about Zeus, Odin and those other guys…

“Don’t throw away your nets if you catch nothing, you never know what the gods are planning next.”
If you’re a fan of Greek and Roman mythology, chances are you’ve never really heard about African Deities and after seeing the work of illustrator/graphic artist James C. Lewis we can’t help but wonder why.

Popular media has been for many years infatuated with other deities such as Zeus, Odin, and more, hence the creation of stories and movies like Thor, and Hercules etc. However, there has been an untold story about African Deities that may just  make for better entertainment for some and even a more relatable reality for others.

We asked James about his inspiration behind this piece and this is what he had to say;

“My inspiration behind Orisha came from researching African gods. What they don’t know is that in the states we are not taught about our culture so it’s up to us to inform others”

These particular deities are referred to as Orishas and they have their roots in Nigeria, West Africa.

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James graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Visual Communication and a concentration in Illustration.

His work has gained a lot of notoriety due to its feature in major publications around the world (South America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe).

He also owns and runs NOIRE3000 | N3K Photo Studios which is located in Atlanta, GA.

If you’re interested in more of his work make sure you visit his website;

If you’re interested in purchasing prints of his work click the link below

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All photos in this article have been obtained with permission from copyright owner James C. Lewis.



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