There’s really nothing as precious as the gift of music, especially when you are able to play and sing and create music on your own. Many people go through life wishing they had the ability to create music, but feel they are unable to because they were never able to have good instruction or because they totally lack talent. The good news is that now there is a unique series of instructional books and CD’s created by master singer and musician C.R. Carole, at

A Prodigy Who Became a Teacher

C.R. Carole is a musical prodigy who became the youngest person ever to attend the Julliard School of Music. Her background and her talent in classical music and opera has brought her acclaim and many awards, but now this gifted musician is sharing all that she knows in an easy to access learning program that lets students teach themselves.


The musical workbook series created by C.R. Carole is intended to “break the mold,” and offer musical students a way into music and into discovering their own talent. These workbooks give students a way to teach themselves, while also showing how to share music with others. Many teachers use these books to teach students, either individually or in groups, and these books pair well with the Brilliant Coloratura Operatic CD from Carole’s series. This instructional collection includes books at the beginner and intermediate level, as well as an instructional notebook and a book of inspirational writing.

Children Hanukkah song to be Treasured at the Holidays

Along with all of this, this special musical series also includes a CD with inspiring and educational traditional Jewish Songs. This beautiful CD includes special recordings with & without Words to Jewish classics (“Maidel Dreidel” and “Menchin Candle” ) that will be treasured every year at the holidays. Families can use these recordings to celebrate and sing about the traditional Chanukah Miracle, even as they celebrate the modern miracles taking place today.

Music is a gift that’s meant to be celebrated. Order this one of a kind musical teaching series and enjoy the miracle of music!

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