Motorcycles for everyone…. You get a bike, you get a bike, you get a bike.

The BMW Vision Motorrad is the Motorcycle of the future, and this statement is really as simple as it gets. Unlike a lot of you guys, I’ve never hopped on a bike myself but it is definitely something I’d love to get into. Except I have a fear of riding through motorways on 2 wheels, and I’m not much of the adrenaline junkie that I think I am.

“We need a How2BeCool/BMW Vision Motorrad review video… Oh! and maybe a giveaway :)”

The German automobile company recently unveiled the concept motorcycle  in L.A. and it did very well to make an impression.


The design is pretty slick and has a quite minimal but tech packed look. According to representatives, the BMW Vision Motorrad has a feature called a Visor which is a set of spectacles controlled by eye movements, and also a self-balancing system.

Check out the photos below

BMW Vision Motorrad 4 3 2

via TheVerge


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