Bitcoin Cash is pretty much here and you want to cash in on it right now.

It’s a new world. Everything is rapidly changing. The internet is becoming more accessible and life as we know it is going to be nothing but a page from the first chapter of a never ending book. For those who aren’t exactly sure what I mean, take the example of Snapchat’s venture into augmented reality, or even Pokemon and your iPhone. There’s also the ever evolving Tesla godfather, Elon Musk and his grandiose plan to build hyperloop transportation systems around major cities in the U.S. All these things point towards a digital future.

Everything you’ve seen in the movies is true.

1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 2795.01 USD. Pretty impressive if you ask me, considering that just a couple of years ago, this value was far-fetched.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a split off the bitcoin currency. This split happened simply because of disagreements between key backers with regards to the future crypto-currency. I’m not exactly sure what the numbers will be for Bitcoin cash but, this is for sure a very smart time to invest into it. If the value of the original bitcoin could more than triple in the space of a year to 3, bitcoin cash is set up for something even more.

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