The newest internet sensation in the game right now happens to be a hilarious duo called Nick and Danrue.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based stars have gone viral with their comedic dance videos. These clips have even featured celebrities like Russell Simmons, Diddy, and Odell Beckham Jr., among others. Check out some of the best Nick and Danrue videos below.

Great Value J. Cole Shoe:

Live Wedding Crash:

Anthony Davis:

Russel Simmons:

Puff Daddy:

According to The FADER, the comedians started getting attention from a video of them goofing off at Louisiana State University. They met while going to college.

“We would always see each other at clubs,” Joseph recalled. “Dan was around Odell Beckham before he went to the league. Once Odell went to the league, we were all we had left, so we just started hanging out more.” They began collaborating on skits from there, and ended up becoming roommates. “It wasn’t even about doing skits anymore,” he said. “We just always hung out.”

Danrue is a dancing maniac and Nick is the ultimate hype man with a smooth voice. Shout-out to them for spreading good vibes. Follow the dynamic duo on Instagram (@nicknpattiwhack  @danrue) and subscribe to their YouTube channel if you want to watch more of their funny visuals.


What are your favorite Nick and Danrue videos? Were there any you felt should have been in the top 5?