It’s no secret that many people believe that wearable technology is going to be the next smartphone. But is this actually true? Can wearable tech be the next big innovation in technology? If so, then there is no doubt that Apple will be the company to usher in this innovation.

At their latest event, Apple announced their new product.


The Apple Watch is Apple’s first step into wearable tech.

Now before I break this down, I have to be honest. I’m an Android guy (don’t hate). BUT, I have respect for Apple and what they do. I just believe that Android is a superior OS. With that said, what Apple does, they do it well. Apple doesn’t just create tech. Apple creates culture. It’s no mistake that everyone in the world either wants or has an iPhone.

Aesthetically, Apple products are amazing. In terms of user interface, Apple products are extremely friendly to the user. Overall, Apple just creates high quality products. This is the reason why they revolutionized mp3 players with the iPod. This is the reason why they revolutionized smartphones with the iPhone. This is the reason why they revolutionized tablets with the iPad and this is the reason why they can possibly do the same thing to wearable tech with the Apple Watch. The crazy thing is that Apple didn’t create any of these aforementioned devices (meaning smartphones, mp3 players, etc), but Apple products are so revolutionary that people think they did. That’s the power of Apple.

There are a few features that I want to highlight that may determine whether or not the Apple Watch will be the future or whether or not it will be a fluke. The first of these features is how it pairs with iPhones devices.


We live in a world (American’s do at least) where everyone has an iPhone. This means that it would only make sense to allow the iPhone and the Apple Watch to interact with one another. The possibilities are endless. This has been done before by Samsung with their Galaxy Gear SmartWatch.

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However, the Galaxy Gear lacked many features that could have made it a must-have product. So how can the Apple Watch use interactivity to its fullest capability? Simply by allowing the user to be able to leave their phone in their pocket. The Galaxy Gear supplied the user with notifications but for many of these notifications, the user would have to use their phone to handle it or sometimes pull out their phone to even check what the notification is.

Here are some suggestions for Apple:

  1. Using Bluetooth that connects the watch to the phone, allow users to read and respond to messages. Even if it’s only using voice commands.
  2. Let me take calls on my watch.
  3. Allow users to stream music to their watch from their phone (I don’t know the practicality of this but it’d just be nice to have it there).

Near Field Communication is another feature that may be a deciding factor on whether or not the Apple Watch will succeed. If you don’t know, NFC basically allows devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity. This could allow for users to pay for items via your watch. But beyond that, Apple will need to be creative in order to use NFC in a way that is innovative and of excellent use. This could be revolutionary because the possibilities here are also endless and I trust Apple to make the most of NFC.

Along with NFC, fitness often gets talked about when it comes to wearable tech.


Let’s be honest though. No matter what Apple does, the way that the Apple Watch enhances fitness is not going to be a deciding factor. Nobody’s buying a $350 watch to make their running better. I’m sure once more people get their hands on SmartWatches then this could become big but for now, everything Apple’s saying about fitness and the Apple Watch is going to be forgotten as soon as the product is released.

Now like I said, nobody’s buying a $350 watch to make their running better. Also, is anybody going to buy a $350 watch in general? Of course over time the price will drop and new releases will come out and gradually everyone will eventually have one. But what happens if the Apple Watch doesn’t stand the test of time? What happens if people realize that they don’t really need the watch? At the $350 price point, a majority of people will not have it at release. This could prove to be what turns the Apple Watch into a fad rather than a revolution.

Here are a few more things:

  1. The watch isn’t waterproof.
  2. Aesthetically, it looks nice but could look better (In my opinion). Whether or not it’s stylish is going to be a huge factor.
  3. It has a knob/button on the side that could be a game changer.
  4. Apps are being specifically designed from the ground up for the Apple Watch.

Let me end on this. This is Apple’s first big innovation since the death of Steve Jobs. I’ve said in the past that now that Steve Jobs is gone, Apple will be on a slow decline. Many might say that Steve Jobs was just one person and that his absence can’t cause the company’s downfall. Steve Jobs was a visionary though. The man was an amazing designer and marketer and he no doubt made Apple what it is. The Apple Watch’s fate can pretty much determine Apple’s. Do I think that the Apple Watch will fail because Steve Jobs is absent? Not entirely. I believe in the guys at Apple but I want people to understand how critical the Apple Watch’s success is.

So is the Apple Watch the future? I couldn’t tell you. But its success or failure will indeed determine the future of Apple as a company.

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