African Millennials are just different…

I cringe whenever I hear the word “Millennial” so negatively thrown around. The popular idea that an entire generation of youth are self-absorbed and almost completely lost in self-indulgent forward thinking awareness is everything but true.

Before I go any further it is important to know what and who an Aging Millennial is.

Aging Millennials are a sub-generation within the millennial population that had the opportunity to experience the old days. The old days being the experience of certain childhood activities that are still existent today but certainly not being overly indulged in.

The African Millennial and the Aging Millennial are one in the same. This is because the separation within the millennial population is not exclusive to the world at large and also because the average millennial from Africa experienced certain childhood activities courtesy of a prevailing culture and a “slow to advance” way of living.

It is important to note that this article is based on the premise that at the core of a  millennials character, therein lies a house where instant gratification, self-absorption, and laziness are foundations. It is also an explanation on who the African Millennial is and what makes them so different from their peers in other parts of the world.

The African Millennial holds certain characteristics that are deeply entrenched in tradition and culture.

According to Time Magazine, the proposed birth date for Millennials are the years between 1980 and 2000, which is quite understandable when the parameters are defined by technological advancement and self-enlightenment.

Within those years, a lot of great ideas were conceived and achieved. Plus a lot of self-believers and world “influencers” were born. i.e. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, pretty much everyone on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and a host of other people.


The African Millennial & the Aging Millennial are the same.

In the past decade, Africa had to play catch-up with the rest of the world in technology, infrastructure, entertainment, government, and a lot more. These days the continent is a very well balanced mix of the old and the new.

Certain necessities are still a work in progress but the future is brighter than it has ever been. As a matter of fact, it’s something of a big deal to be an African these days. We literally went from being called “booty scratchers” to being called cool and wanting to be associated with.

“The only thing dark about Africa is your ignorance”

African Millennials are largely responsible for this change in perception. The myth that Africans are a bunch of uneducated and poverty stricken people has yet to be completely debunked.

For this reason, young African adults have taken it upon themselves to change this narrative and educate the ignorance that has plagued the rest of the world.

african millennials


olamide-abule-sowoWe have shown the world the “balanced mix” simply by being who we are. A group of people who are very much in touch with our culture and traditions and at the same time very in tune with what’s new and what is to come.

We understand the early days and what it took to endure an era that was defined by everything but the internet i.e. Make-shift soccer, Voltron, Super Ted, Military Rulership, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Outages, Sony walkmans, boom boxes, cassette tape players, VHS, blockbuster, film cameras, etc. and now we enjoy and have adapted to the new world which is made up of the internets by-products i.e. social media, online dating, music streaming, the iPhone and everything else on the Apple family tree etc.

“African Millennials have seen it all. We make for what may possibly be some of the most advanced group of people the world has seen.”

African Millennials are cut from a very different cloth. The balance we possess is uncanny, our goals are beyond expectations, we are rich in culture and we are defined by a lot more than just technological advacement and innovation.

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