Pope Francis is currently one of the most respected leaders in our world today and everyone pretty much wants to see him and be connected to him. Lots of people have been a tad bit too star struck in his presence and others have probably resolved to fanning out within the confines of their closets. Either way, Pope Francis is revered in mostly every place you can think of. The one thing people seem to forget every so often is the fact that he is human. We came up with a list of 8 Surprisingly Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About The Pope. Read below.

  • The Pope is a fan of One Direction.

According to Babble, the pope’s favorite pop song is “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” by One Direction. Which is pretty interesting if you ask me. He is human at the end of the day.large

  • The Pope is very much active on Twitter.

This guy is a something of a maven and he does well to share his beliefs on twitter. For the most part, his tweets are quite relate-able and all together laced with positivity.


slide_395270_4846522_free This pope is clearly a fan of pop culture and he does well to not keep it a secret. He received two custom Harley-Davidson motorbikes. They are both to be used by the Swiss Guard but who knows. You might just see the pope pull up in a black leather jacket and his motorbike 🙂

  • The Pope Was Once a Bouncer.


You may or may not find this hard to believe, but either way it has some truth to it. The Pope was apparently once a bouncer at night clubs. Of course all this happened while he was a student.

  • The Pope’s Favorite Movie is Babette’s Feast.

babette1_table_largeI’m not completely sure about what this movie is as I haven’t watched it (this will change soon 🙂 But according to a number of valid reports, Babette’s Feast is the popes favorite movie. It’s a 1978 drama and it’s pretty about 2 beautiful sisters who were raised by a strict pastor father.

  • The Pope is Multilingual.

721967-pope-francisPope Francis speaks Spanish, Latin, and Italian fluently. He also understands German, French, Portuguese, English and Ukranian. Pretty interesting if you ask me. Not a lot of people can be as linguistically diverse. Being able to speak two languages is pretty common, but speaking and understanding way more than five is simply genius.

  • The Pope Had One Functioning Lung.

francisWhen he was a youth, Pope Francis had part of his right lung removed due to an infection. It hasn’t seemed to stop him as he still appears to be healthier than ever.

  • The Pope Loves Football (Soccer).

454482246Pope Francis has love for the game of soccer. He developed an interest for the game and even has a favorite team. He is a supporter of San Lorenzo de Almagro Football club which is a local team from his neighborhood.

8 Surprisingly Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About The Pope.


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