Over the last 4  years, HBO original TV Series Game of Thrones has grown into one of the biggest shows on television. The fantasy drama was created as an adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, A Song of Fire and Ice and Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the coolest TV Series

If you’re not a fan of Castles, Dragons and all round fantasy filled shows, Game of Thrones will definitely be the exception for you. The series delves into everything from politics, to the unorthodox sexual cravings of the old world (well the fantasy version of the old world) and almost every other thing we are not usually accustomed to.

Game of Thrones has managed to pull more viewers each season, a feat that has only been achieved by exceptional creations.In June 2014, the show averaged 18 plus million viewers per episode excluding online streaming. In many ways the idea that a fantasy drama about dragons, imp’s and weird-looking creatures (wildlings) would become one of the world’s most watched and loved shows has been interesting to say the least.  In many ways, Game of Thrones is easily the coolest TV series on the planet right now and these are 8 reasons why.

1. Politics – It takes a lot to get into politics but GOT makes it easy :). Everything from Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of Dragons) figuring out how to rule a city she rescued from slavery to Cersei Lannister’s manipulation in the capital has been nothing but a spectacle to watch. The show is laced with an ongoing struggle for political power and favor. It almost feels like it is the main premise of the show.

2. Quotes – Everyone wants to feel smart these days. (Well since the beginning of time I believe). There’s something of an appeal to someone who knows a lot and speaks with wisdom that’s not usually common. Game of Thrones is filled with quotes that can have even the wisest people questioning the depth of their wisdom. Perhaps, the imp (Tyrion Lannister) has proven to be the wordsmith of the show.

3. Landscapes – Westeros, Essos and the rest of the seven kingdoms have some of  the most beautiful landscapes we’ve ever seen. It turns out that with fantasy based shows you can always build your idea of beauty and make people believe it to be. The scenery is somewhat reminiscent of ancient Greek, Roman, Mayan and Babylonian civilizations (as we’ve been made to believe)

4. DEATH – Sounds funny but it’s simply true. The fact that everyone dies (well, your favorite characters) is almost hilarious but even more confusing and partly annoying. In many ways the premise of the show is built on surprise. It’s best to not build attachments to the characters because George has a way of breaking hearts without starting relationships. 🙂


5. WINTER IS YET TO COME – It’s pretty interesting to find that one of the most popular phrases used in the show is “Winter is Coming”. The show has been going on for 5 seasons now and Winter is still yet to come. It seems like winter might just bring to life the climax we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve all seen peaks of what is to come for example, Daenerys on her dragon, Drogon_Season_4

Stanis Baratheons death, the Lord of Lights failure to protect him, Jon Snows “supposed” death etc

6. The Characters – The characters are everything in Game of Thrones. From the ones we all love to hate to the ones we all have affections for. It’s easy to imagine the show without a lot of the core characters simply because of George R.R. Martins propensity to kill off anybody on the show but it would be pretty tough to imagine a Game of Thrones season without Tyrion Lannister or Daenerys and of course Jon Snow. A lot of people are still finding it hard to stomach the fact that he is (SPOILER ALERT) dead. 🙁


7. It has a pinch and more of Dystopia –  Dystopia is increasingly becoming a pretty accepted vibe these days. It’s been quite popular in literature over the past decades but for some reason, there seems to be some sort of dystopian resurgence on television these days, from shows like The 100 and Walking Dead to movies like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent and more. Game of Thrones can be seen in a similar light as it deals with themes that are centered around an imagine state of unpleasance and totalitarian governance. This can be seen with Cersei, Stanis, the knights watch, kings landing and more.


8. The Many Face God – Honorable mention. I love the idea of the many face god and what he/she/it represents.



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