8 Things you should quit right now

We all have things about ourselves that we dislike right? What better way to begin the process of confronting these things than identifying what they are, and dealing with them accordingly.

So here we go…

1. Quit Being Lazy

I heard somewhere that “You hate yourself because you don’t do anything.” And this one hit me pretty hard when I first heard it (not hard enough though because I’ve just ran out of shows to watch on Netflix.) I’m sure a good amount of us hate how lazy we are, but are actually too lazy to do anything about it. Just remember that everything inside you will fight improvement and use that as motivation to not be lazy and not hate yourself. And unsubscribe to Netflix.

2. Quit Having a Dirty Mouth

I can only assume this because everyone and their mother asks me if I have gum every 10 seconds. I WOULD have gum if someone didn’t have an addiction to 5-gum like it was crack. You should develop good dental hygiene.

3. Quit Lacking Motivation & Find it

I haven’t really practiced dance (my favorite past-time) all summer . Why? Partly because of time and partly because I’m lazy. Lately, there have been times where I literally have to force myself to play my PS3. I haven’t worked on my spoken word poetry for about six months. The point I’m trying to make is that these are all things that I enjoy doing (or at least thought so) and I haven’t had the effort to do. Do I hate myself because of this? Well I hate that I haven’t contributed time into doing these things like I used to. This also means that things that used to be my passion are starting to become tedious which isn’t exactly a good thing.

So if you have a hobby, make sure to keep it a passion and if you enjoy it, do it. If you don’t, find a new passion.

4. Quit Complaining

Stop talking about how single you are and stop talking about your cats. (And if you feel like I’m referring directly to you, that’s because I am.)



5. Quit Being Alone


Really you do have friends, you just don’t have many. (Or you don’t like your friends.)

6. Quit Being Misunderstood

Would it help if I told you that I think that most people are? At least you are not as misunderstood as this guy…


Learn how to express yourself better. This is one of the reasons I blog and perform spoken word. I can control exactly how I express myself this way. Through different forms of expression, there are different ways to portray ourselves or our ideas.

For example, that last sentence just made you think I was smart, when really I could just be good at wording. Through this blog I can make myself come off as sincere, funny, smart, or insane as I want. It’s up to me and how I understand the medium in which I am using.

Now I’m not saying fool people into thinking you’re sincere,but what I am saying is that there are multiple ways to make sure that people understand you and you should explore them and find a way that suits you.

7. Quit Being Awkward

Maybe this is universal, maybe this is just me. But personally, I can’t control it. My awkwardness comes out in different ways and without warning. This is probably the least of the 8 habits, But if you’re like me and you’re awkward, then own it homeskillet (awkward lingo). Turn awkward into a style. Make it cool because in reality, awkward is the new cool because everyone can relate to awkward.

So there it is. 8 habits you should quit right now. Maybe you can relate to some, maybe you can relate to none. And if the latter is the case…

Congrats. You’re superhuman.


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