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First things first, Africa is not a Country it’s the worlds second largest and second-most-populous continent. For some random reason, whenever people speak about Africa, there’s always a reference to Nigeria. Often referred to as the “Giant of Africa”, Nigeria is home to perhaps one of the largest youth populations in the world hence the many perceptions that have been cultivated over time.

These are 8 facts about Nigerians that the world should know.
  • Nigerians are “very” Educated


Education is probably one of the most stressed and most important things in Nigeria, so it’s always interesting to hear and read about the random stereotypes that people have.The one thing a lot of people can attest to is that Nigerian parents value education so much they would rather starve themselves than see their children live without a fair chance to go to a learning institution.20151025222619As a matter of fact, Nigerian immigrants are the most educated group and have the highest level of education in the United States. The average Nigerian living in the United States has at least two degrees or even more. It’s a force of nature.

  • All Nigerians aren’t Fraudsters

It’s 2015. People need to get over the idea that all Nigerians are fraudulent. I mean, I’ve been in situations where people have made jokes about receiving an email or two from “my people.”how2becoolGranted there are scammers that still do their bidding and there have been portions of the country’s youth that have taken to the internet and email inbox’s to make money at the expense of innocent folks and very so often weak-minded people but Nigerians are much more than fraudulent and are involved in way much more than measly “419” scams as we like to call it. I mean come on.. there’s a Simpson’s Episode about Nigerian scammers.

  • Nigerians are very Fashion Forward

Nigerians are quite fashion forward. Fashion choices which have been influenced by years and looks from different continents such as Europe, the U.S. and more etc. Nigerians have found ways to recreate their looks and enhance an often sought after idea of beauty.downloadFrom clothes inspired by ethnicity and culture to body marks and tattoos that celebrate pride and nationality.

Screenshot_2014-10-16-08-52-09-1Yomi-Casual-3Of course you will always have that one group of people who are not very fond of style but happen to be in the limelight, it still doesn’t reflect the look of the average fashionable Nigerian.

  • The Average Nigerian is Multilingual

For starters, there are over 50 plus languages and over 200 dialects in Nigeria. So it’s only right that the average Nigerian speaks or/and understands more than two languages.690x460Also, ENGLISH is an official language in the country. So the bulk of her citizens actually speak and/or understand the English language. TV stations broadcast in English, schools teach and instruct in English and a lot of other obvious things are done with and in the English language. Of course other languages are as important too.

  • Nigerians are well Advanced

Contrary to popular thought, Nigerians are actually quite advanced. Well advanced in thought, potential and a whole lot more. Nigeria is ranked as one of the most developed countries in Africa and possibly one of the up and coming in the world.why-lagos-stechfest-11 Although we still have a long way to go, the future is seemingly bright. Nigerians didn’t grow up in jungles and they don’t live with wild animals.8 Facts about NigeriansThe popular stereotypes are quite ignorant. Just like every other country, there are rich and wealth driven areas just as much as there are ghettos and slums.

  • Nigerians Make Amazing Music

It’s 2015. If you’ve not listened to Nigerian music, you are probably not as exposed to the world as you think you are. (Humble brag).download (4)

International collaborations have been the highlight of Nigerian music in 2015 from well know names such as Akon & D’Banj to Davido & Meek Mill, to Olamide & Wale and to perhaps the most important collaboration of the year, Drake, Skepta and WizKid.

Nigerian music is on the rise and everyone knows these days. Snaps and Instagram clips from celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Swizz Beats and Alicia keys have featured music from top Nigerian artists.

  • Nigerians throw the Best Weddings

Weddings are a big deal and Nigerians specialize in the art of throwing the best weddings ever. For starters, there are two ceremonies. The Traditional Wedding & the White Wedding as it’s called.download (1) download (3)

Traditional weddings highlight the beauty in the culture. The bride and groom get to put on their traditional outfits. Many “non white wedding” rituals are performed in traditional weddings and it’s pretty cool stuff for the most part. Palm Wine, Cola Nuts, and a pretty loud MC. Most of the activities lean towards the culture and the very things that make it up. Of the many things that go on, you get to see the groom and his friends lay prostrate in front of the bride and her family. Pretty cool and colorful stuff.

The White wedding is pretty awesome too and it is a continuation of the festivities . For more glamorous pictures of Nigerian weddings follow and check out WeLoveNaijaWeddings & BellaNaijaWedding

  • Nigerians are Proud

germany-women-u20-soccer-wcup-colombia-nigeria-2010-7-29-14-1-10In conclusion, this statement has been tried and is absolutely true. Nigerians are proud. We are proud of our heritage, our country and much more. Regardless of the stereotypes and the many thoughts that people have about the country, we stand unfazed.lagos_2

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