We all know how time-consuming it can be to go down the list of new apps to download on your phone. Chances are you’ll probably get bored with scrolling endlessly. So we’ve done you the courtesy of searching out some pretty cool stuff for you guys. These are 7 cool new apps you should have on your phone right now.



Lumino City is possibly one of the most aesthetically mind-blowing games in the app store right now. “The puzzle adventure game was created entirely by hand out of paper, card, miniature lights and monitors.” If you need a brain challenging game to play, this might just be it for you. The gaming experience is pretty smooth and was crafted with elements of origami and stop motion. If you have an eye for good design, you will most definitely appreciate Lumino City. iTUNES.



Pacemaker is a DJ app for iTunes and Spotify. The Pacemaker app can mostly be considered as a digital turntable. You get to make tweaks, add effects and seamlessly mix one song into another without having to tweak knobs and push buttons. It also helps that the app is well designed and offers pretty amazing visuals. If you love to play music and/or happen to be a DJ whether professional or amateur, Pacemaker allows you to do a whole lot with less. iTUNES.

  • Artifact Uprising


Artifact Uprising is an app that creates quality photo books, gifts and photo cards with images from you gallery and your Instagram account, all from your iPhone. The app pretty much helps you to create a photo album. So if you’ve ever wondered about creating a physical album using photos that you snap on your phone, Artifact Uprising is the app for you. PS, In order to complete a purchase etc, you’ll have to create an account. iTUNES



Relight is a live HDR photo and video app. In case you didn’t know, your phone has way more capabilities than advertised. I’m not exactly sure why. Relight takes full advantage of your camera by correcting your lighting and exposure. If you like to take and edit pictures on your phone, Relight app might just be what you need to take your skills to the next level. iTUNES.



If you’re like me, you probably want to share a lot more than stock emoji and symbols to your group chats and messages. Slash keyboard is a free “super-charged” keyboard that makes it easy to share anything. From links to gifs, stickers, and even latest tweets with smart links. You can type in anything you feel like sharing and Slash keyboard brings it up for you in a smart search box. If you’re the type with a wide imagination, you might need this app. ITUNES.



Merchbar is an app that helps you to discover new merchandise and vinyl from your favorite bands. This app is definitely well worth the download if you’re a fan of vinyl, and a very useful tool for music bands too. It has a pretty minimal and well designed front end and also a pretty easy to use interface. It’s currently priced at $Free.99, just in case you’re interested. iTUNES.



Runtastic Results is a workout app that gives you a personalized 12-week exercise and training program that’s almost guaranteed to give you results. For those who don’t have the time to hit the gym, this might just be the app for you. The app also gives you access to fully customized health plans and nutrition plans via the in-app purchases function. iTUNES & ANDROID.

These are 7 cool and new apps you should have on your phone right now.


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