Stop all the texting…

We all come from different walks of life and most likely see things from very different perspectives. However, the one thing we can all agree on is that we hate group chats.

Instant Messaging is possibly one of the most genius inventions of the past 2 decades, but for every brilliant creation, there are a thousands draw backs.

I put together a list of the 6 things we hate about group chats, so here goes;
  • Excessive Notifications


This is the one thing that bothers a lot of people about Group Chats. There’s always that one person who can care less about certain conversations. The problem with excess notifications is that, your phone keeps ringing and you aren’t as involved in the topic of discussion as much as every other person.

This always leads to frustration, unnecessary irritation and sometimes anger. Some chat apps enable you to mute group conversations while others don’t. Your battery also suffers at the hands of the constant buzz.

  • Forced Conversations


“I hate when people force me to talk to others. I wanted to talk to my guy but he added another person. Just don’t force the conversation”

There’s always that one friend who adds you to the awkward conversation. If you’re that person (you need to chill). If you’re the friend (I sympathize with you). There’s nothing more hated than awkward text conversations. Group chats make for the best platform for this catastrophe.

  • The Inactive Friend


There’s always that one friend who never participates in the group text. Every so often, he/she leaves the group and begs to be added back. It’s pretty annoying if you ask me. It’s also understandable in some ways but it makes for bad group text culture. LOL

  • The Clueless Group Text Friend


In every message thread, there’s always that one participant who has no idea whatsoever about the discussions that are had. It’s almost hilarious but mostly annoying because the purpose of a group text is for multiple people to get the same message at once. That friend always ends up having to play catch up, which usually means asking others to update them on what’s been said and what’s being discussed.

  • The Silent Friend

Group chats

You know that one friend who never says anything but probably reads everything. You always have these guys in your circle of friends. They are sometimes the most outspoken in real life gatherings or maybe even the polar opposite. But they just never exist in group texts even when their names are clearly listed on the participants list.

  • The Disturbance

Group chats

Imagine being at work or some place of importance where using you phone isn’t the most logical thing to do, and missing out on what may possibly be a very interesting and focus worthy text conversation. I like to call this “The Disturbance”. This issue, usually occurs when everyone else can text and you’re stuck in some sort of non texting situation or place and all you are forced to do is wait. Well, there’s such a thing and it’s the most annoying thing ever.


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