Over 264 million lightweight vehicles operate on American roads with an average roadworthy lifespan of 11.6 years. And according to IHS Markit Research, as of the year 2021, 20 million annual roadworthy vehicles are expected to be over 25 years old. Low incomes and high living expenses help ensure more and more drivers not only opt to keep their cars longer than ever, but many replacements are basically lemons on wheels. Lemon lots encourage desperate drivers to trade in and ride off with a hunk of junk worth far less than the price tag. And that trade in “bonus” is basically just added back to the overall “deal”. Why bother with the stress and wasted time when you can sell your junk car for cash and apply that towards reliable transportation? But why should you consider opting for a new car once you ditch the clunker?

Save the Environment and Fuel Money

Seventeen cents is such a nominal amount that it will buy you nothing in this day and age. But in 1931 that was the price of a gallon of gasoline. Oh, how times have changed. The older a car is, the less economical it becomes to drive. Older cars not only require more fuel to fill but that fuel burns quicker than newer models. New cars are far more efficient with several fuel and energy options such as electric models. In fact, almost 200,000 fully electric cars were sold in 2017, a 25% increase from the prior year. So why not save the environment and fuel money by modernizing your ride?

Avoid Major Milestone and Ongoing Repairs

The first major repair milestone on a vehicle hits around the 30,000 to 40,000-mile marker. Once a vehicle hits 75,000 miles, expensive repairs and replacement parts are needed. And if it hits 100,000 miles, the repair requirements often surpass the car’s value. If you’ve hit any of those markers with your current clunker, chances are things are going to get worse. A new car can reset all repair worries.

Revel in Reliability and an Impressive Warranty

Perhaps you’re just using your clunker at this point to get from point A to B. But if it’s ever failed to reach the latter point, the reliability is gone along with the entire reason for owning the vehicle. A new vehicle offers the reliability you need and many offer impressive warranties to help seal the deal. Modern new vehicle warranties can include powertrain coverage for up to 100,000 miles, a hybrid battery warranty for the life of the vehicle, and an overall vehicle warranty for five years. So why take the chance of replacing your ride with a potential lemon?

Reduce Stress and Improve Your Home Life

Holding onto a clunker for too long can do more than damage your property value and drain your finances. It can also cause extra stress for you and your partner. But a new car isn’t just an investment in reliable transportation, it’s also an investment in a better and more secure life overall. When you’re ready to trade up and get cash on the spot for your junk car, give us a call.


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