Adrenaline junkies, cliff hangers, and thrill seekers all have one thing in common, they are all INSANE and totally UNAFRAID!!

Remember the feeling you get when you go to a theme park and you hop on a ride you know you probably shouldn’t be on and it’s too late to get off? Well these guys have no clue about what that feeling is. Matter of fact, they feel the complete opposite. They will do the most dangerous and life threatening things and have a laugh while doing it. The most interesting part is that these guys aren’t at all different from you and me.

They are your neighbors, friends, family members, even that hot girl you sit next too in class but can’t talk too.

All 27 pictures below capture the crazy and thrill seeking moments these people experience.. As you check them out, close your eye for a second and try to think of yourself in that position.. crazy right?!?!…. These 27 pictures will literally make your stomach drop.

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