10 Reasons Why You are Probably Not as Cool as You Think You Are

Disclaimer: This list is in no way meant to put anyone down.. rather it is a reflection of carefully thought out opinions of the many people around the world who just don’t have the balls to say the truth.. 🙂 These are 10 reasons why you are probably not as cool as you think you are.

Not as cool
1. You talk way too much:

If you are this guy… you need to learn to shut it.. it’s that simple.. Coolness is knowing when to talk, when not to talk, where to talk and how to talk..A wise man once said

“Sometimes it’s best to be silent. You can plan better than the ones that are talking too much…”


2. You think the world revolves around you:

If you feel like everything has to go your way, chances are you  fit right in this category. These guys probably have a lot of resources to waste so they treat people like crap all in the name of satisfying themselves.. These guys pretty much act like Jerks. It’s a known fact that whatever evil you do always comes back to bite your behind, well.. these guys stand the risk of being bitten. Get it?!


3. You really don’t know fashion:

These days Instagram has become a hub for whackness… terrible fashion, mis-matches and bad wardrobes.. sad part is these guys are the ones who flaunt their clothing choices the most. I’m honestly sick of the captions.. (hey.. I’m rocking blue today.. oh and blah) I really don’t get it. Truth is, you never were fashionable, you probably have a couple of no-knowledge followers who think you have it all together in your wardrobe and finally, you just don’t get it!

Miley-Cyrus-gif tumblr_mt0tmzqipd1qzalq2o1_500

4. You are an Arrogant Punk:

I’m all for the occasional show-off moments we all tend to exhibit whenever we are pumped or hype about certain events or situations.. It gets annoying though, when that’s all you are known for. These guys feel the need to show off.. I mean.. there is the Humble Brag.. which doesn’t hurt… but do we really need to know why and what it is that you are wearing?!?!… Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when you doing stuff carried way more weight than just talking a good game.

200_s tumblr_static_tumblr_inline_mnwkdoznat1rscylx

5. You are scared to try new things & you constantly bash people for doing the opposite:

NO NO NO Tom.. you aren’t playing it safe.. you just don’t have the balls to be exciting. I do have somewhat of an issue with these guys.. I could careless for the whackness but every now & then.. its cool to let them know that Ignorance is not always blissful… 

PS.. there is a clear difference between ignorance and illiteracy. I do hope the world becomes a much better place and people who can’t afford certain pleasure such as education, and/or the opportunity to experience new things get a fair chance in life..

A wise man once said,

Nothing is worse than active ignorance.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

AHH - Oh my

6. You are a bully:

I don’t think there is much to explain here.. Bullies suck..

punch-old-woman  not as cool

7. You are Lazy:

We all have our ‘couch potato’ moments.. those days when you just want to stay in bed without regards for what the day brings.. we are all human after all!!. My issue however is with the sluggard.. the one who chooses to do completely nothing for himself..   and expect something in return……. to that I say… ‘get a life’ – You;re not as cool as you think

not as cool

8. You are a Party Pooper:

These guys live to spoil the fun.. There’s really no end to their lameness.. In some ways these guys are related to couch potatoes.. well not so much.. but these guys are so fixated on doing the same thing and getting people to do it with them..You know that guy/girl in your crew that always says something to mess the mood up.. If you have a party pooper in your circle, you’ll definitely know.

cbc7a539b5f7e699f9791967ff3555124f975850c7e1d30f4f99425492f4b26d you-are-a-thief-of-joy_616

9. You think you know it all: 

This guy right here is the one who answers all the questions in class, the one that volunteers for damn near everything, the one who uses the biggest words to explain the most simple things..this person is your friend, roommate, co-worker, classmate, he/she is everywhere.. 

Less is more… You’re not as cool as you think

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing


a3794310624316f8bc2e00633dcd9aa1603dea01e3918310bc123a6d00f57957 tumblr_m653m4y6rM1qaqk3no1_500

10. You don’t visit How2becool.com 🙂


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