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Unless you’re Patrick from Sponge bob and you live under a rock, you’ve probably been friend-zoned before. Here are 10 reasons why girls friend-zone guys. Sometimes it’s you, and sometimes we have our own problems, but read on and see if any of these apply.


  • #1~The chemistry just isn’t there.

We might love you as a person; we might even think you are cute. But, if one night we’re hanging out and you decide to kiss us and it’s flat, that is a red flag. We will probably give it another chance with you, but if after a couple of times we’re not getting any butterflies, it’s gonna be a turn off. No matter how much we want to like you, there has to be at least some chemistry to start off with. It probably isn’t even your fault but the wavelengths have to connect in order to be more than friends with us.


  • #2~Your best friend is your cat.

There’s no problem with loving cats. But, if you are antisocial, and your favorite thing to do is try to teach your cat new tricks, you may have an issue in the ladies department. Before pursuing the girl of your dreams ,you probably need to take up another interest and put yourself out there because no girl wants to feel awkward and talk about cats all the time. Social skills are key.


  • #3~Your last trip to the gym was in 2010.

Look, we don’t need you to be 6’5” and sculpted perfectly, but most girls like to take care of themselves and be healthy. It’s important for us to see that you are healthy, and not lazy too.


  • #4~You’re more in love with video games than you could ever be with a girl.

Video games are great. I love to play Mario Cart every now and again. But, if every waking moment you can’t wait to turn on the video games and put that headset on to talk with people you don’t even know, that may be a roadblock. We want to talk about more than Zelda and World of Warcraft, sorry.


  • #5~The only time you call is midnight….we all know what’s up.

Getting a call or text at midnight  to “check up” on us is never sneaky. At midnight ,we all know what’s on your mind and we know you don’t just start caring about “how we are” at that point. We don’t want to be used and we don’t want to feel like a toy that you play with one day, and the next, you’re bored with.


  • #6~She gets in the shower and by the time she’s out she has 5 texts, 2 missed calls and a Facebook message –  You’re too clingy.

Clingy equals suffocating. If you want us to block you and never hear from us again then light our phones up. But we have things going on and we can’t always respond within two seconds. So leave a cute text and let us get back to you when we can. In reverse we will respect that and always give you your space ,as well.


  • #7~There’s no chase. Just like guys, girls like a challenge.

If you’re texting us for less than a week and you already exploit your feelings to us, we’re going to get really bored really fast. We like to try to impress you a little bit and we like a mystery. Keep it quiet for a few weeks and see how things map out.


  • #8~You’re a player.

If you are known for playing girls and being unfaithful, you need to get that in check before most of us will take you seriously. As hot as you may be, we’re not going to set ourselves up for a heartbreak. If your attention span is that short, we know we’re only gonna be around for a week and we aren’t into that.


  • #9~You don’t have any plans for your life and you’re living in your grandma’s basement.

Everyone has rough times where they feel confused or need a little bit of extra help, and we have so much sympathy for that. But, if you have no structure or plan for your life, and you’re thirty, living in grandma’s basement, we’re not gonna find that attractive.


  • #10~You’re still in love with your ex.

Sometimes you are doing everything right, but we just aren’t over an ex. Simple as that. When we say its “me, not you” we really mean it sometimes. At that point, there’s nothing you can do except support us. Give us some time and space and you might just be our next boyfriend.


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